The Course Forward

Securing The Hope: Endowments

As Church, we are called to do good things with what we are given and to multiply our gifts – in short, to be good stewards. An expression of Christian stewardship is our willingness to prepare and provide for those who will come after us. Campaign endowments are an ideal way to carry out this […]

Meeting Pastoral And Temporal Needs

To further the mission and growth of the diocese, we are called to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in all that we do. In keeping with our mission “to become ever more enthusiastically a leaven of service and a sign of peace through love in Piedmont and Western North Carolina,” Forward in Faith, Hope, […]

A Love That Is Lived: Catholic Outreach

Meeting spiritual and temporal needs is a primary concern of the Church. As needs continue to grow, we are committed to meeting them with new and increased services. Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love will earmark $11,500,000 for Catholic outreach for the following ministries: Catholic Social Services $6,000,000 Catholic Social Services has been the hands and […]

Forming Future Generations In Faith

The availability and vitality of ministries of Evangelization and Education are vital for the future of our faith community. The mission to teach as Jesus did is carried out through a variety of programs, including parish and diocesan schools as well as parish religious education programs. The various ministries of Catholic education in general are […]

Showing Our Love For Our Faithful Servants: Clergy Support

Priest Retirement Trust Fund      $10,000,000 The Catholic faithful have long been noted for their loyal support of the priests who have baptized and taught their children, preached the Gospel, officiated their weddings, celebrated the Eucharist, comforted them in their sufferings and heard their confessions. Many retired priests still labor tirelessly in the Lord’s […]

The Parish: Nurturer Of Faith, Home Of Hope, Place Of Love

Parish Life and Ministries      $16,250,000 Embracing our mission to grow ever more perfectly into a community of praise, worship, and witness, Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love recognizes the central role of parishes in the day-to-day life of the Church. For most Catholics, their parish represents the face of the Church. Our parishes […]