Securing The Hope: Endowments

As Church, we are called to do good things with what we are given and to multiply our gifts – in short, to be good stewards. An expression of Christian stewardship is our willingness to prepare and provide for those who will come after us. Campaign endowments are an ideal way to carry out this important responsibility.
The concept of a campaign endowment is simple: monies are placed in a fund and invested over time to generate income on an ongoing basis. The original investment, or principal, remains untouched with only the income earned each year allocated to address the stated needs. This ensures the availability of funding long into the future. Once established, an endowment can also serve as a channel for future giving.
The endowment funds created through Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love offer such an opportunity. By placing the funds raised in specific endowments, gifts made once continue to give forever.

These endowments will:

– Provide secure and perpetual funding through grants for ongoing and specials needs
– Generate income that will be used to address needs in the areas outlined (the principal of the endowment funds remains untouched)
– Grow with the addition of future contributions and through the reinvestment of a portion of earned income
– Be managed by professional investment counselors chosen by the Diocesan Investment Committee

Benefits of campaign endowments to a donor include:

– Perpetuity: the gift continues forever – only the income is distributed, maximizing the impact of your contribution
– Public Accountability: timely reporting and audits guarantee disclosure of all Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love campaign endowment administration and investment activities
– Security of Funds: as a fund managed by a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation, funds are protected and are separate and distinct from diocesan funds