A Love That Is Lived: Catholic Outreach

Meeting spiritual and temporal needs is a primary concern of the Church. As needs continue to grow, we are committed to meeting them with new and increased services. Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love will earmark $11,500,000 for Catholic outreach for the following ministries:

Catholic Social Services $6,000,000

Catholic Social Services has been the hands and heart of service to the people of western North Carolina. Called to bring comfort and compassion to the afflicted, Catholic Social Services served as witness to the love of the Lamb of God by focusing on helping our neighbors in need of physical, emotional and spiritual assistance. Catholic Social Services, the local Catholic Charities agency, targeted programs that strengthened families, built communities and reduced poverty. The Catholic Social Services provides a wide range of services that include distribution of donated foods to the needy; emergency assistance; foster-care; adoption and pregnancy services; individual, marriage and family counseling; and enrichment services. These hands touch the lives of nearly 20,000 refugees, immigrants, disadvantaged people and others each year.
Catholic Social Services’ regional offices are located in Charlotte, Winston-Salem and Asheville, with satellite offices in Greensboro and Murphy. Additional services are offered at parishes and other places throughout the diocese.
Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love will help expand the Catholic Social Services Endowment by $6,000,000, which will help ensure long-term sustainability of essential services to individuals and families in need. Recognizing Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love as an extraordinary opportunity to improve and expand its services to those in need, Catholic Social Services will use the additional funds to achieve initiatives above and beyond its current capabilities.

Multicultural Ministries Endowment $3,000,000

The mission of the Church is to offer the message of salvation across barriers of language, culture and ethnicity. With its growing population, the diocese serves an ever more diverse population which brings a richness to the reality of the Church’s Unity.
The Multicultural Ministries seek to support all ethnic communities and serve as a resource to newcomers. They provide a faith-based environment, offering faith formation, catechists training, bilingual celebrations, evangelization, family and youth/young adult retreats, and liturgical workshops. Through Multicultural Ministries programs and events, the diocese assists more than 12,000 people annually.
These programs and events will continue to receive funding from the Diocesan Support Appeal; however, Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love will serve as an extraordinary opportunity, earmarking $3,000,000 to the Multicultural Ministries Endowment. The infusion of funds will provide increased resources over time.

A Place to Call Home: Catholic Housing Initiatives $2,500,000

A hallmark of our Judeo-Christian tradition and a corporal work of mercy is to provide shelter for those in need. The Catholic Diocese of Charlotte Housing Corporation (CDCHC) currently provides housing to nearly 75 individuals. The CDCHC was established to create, maintain, promote and operate housing facilities and accompanying services for seniors and low-income and vulnerable individuals.
The CDCHC opened its first facility, Curlin Commons in Mooresville followed by Good Shepherd Gardens in Salisbury. Due to the increase in the aging population, the CDCHC is committed to building an additional facility, Mother Theresa Villa, to accommodate disabled adults.
Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love will earmark $2,500,000 in funding to support housing initiatives for seniors. Additional housing will provide independent living to individuals who no longer feel their home is the most practical or best option.