The Parish: Nurturer Of Faith, Home Of Hope, Place Of Love

Parish Life and Ministries      $16,250,000

Embracing our mission to grow ever more perfectly into a community of praise, worship, and witness, Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love recognizes the central role of parishes in the day-to-day life of the Church. For most Catholics, their parish represents the face of the Church. Our parishes are the place where we gather together to form communities, to worship, to celebrate and to serve as we have for generations. Here individuals find nourishment, reconciliation, solace and fellowship.

The largest portion of Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love – $16,250,000, or 25% of the total campaign goal – will be allocated directly for parish needs. It is designed to support the important needs of parishes and should prove successful with strong parish participation. The needs in parishes widely vary. Some parishes require improvements and renovations to make facilities more conducive to worship, provide easier access for the elderly and disabled, and create the capacity to institute new outreach ministries. Others are eager to improve religious education, update technology or increase or establish endowments. Too often parishes lack funds necessary to make these dreams a reality. Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love will provide a mechanism through which each parish can utilize new resources to meet locally determined priorities.