Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love and Endowments

March 24, 2014 Issue 26   Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love and Endowments   Forward in Faith, Hope. and Love is establishing seven endowments as part of its campaign. What is an endowment?    This is one of the most frequently asked questions when talking to potential donors about participating in the campaign. Outlined below is […]

Give to everyone who asks you — Matthew 5:42

March 17, 2014 Issue 25   Give to everyone who asks you — Matthew 5:42   “Why do we give alms? Because when we share gifts or charity with those in need, we’re acknowledging the fact that we’re not in this alone, that the things that we own are meant for others. Saint Thomas Aquinas […]

A Vision for Our Future

March 10, 2014 Issue 24   “Catholicism is the largest faith community on earth, with more than a billion members across the globe. Responsible for both the birth of education and health care systems that stand as pillars in our modern society, we continue to lead with excellence in these areas. In this modern day […]

Closing the Catholic Giving Gap

March 3, 2014 Issue 23   American Catholics are less likely to report giving to the Church, according to a research study, mostly because of a lack of “spiritual engagement with money.” The survey from the Notre Dame Institute for Church Life finds that Catholics in the U.S. tend to separate money from matters of […]

Block Two Preparations Update

February 24, 2014 Issue 22     Block Two Preparations Update   Pastors and volunteers are laying the groundwork for successful launches of their parish campaigns. Five keys to getting off to a good start:   1. Complete your parish Local Case. Parishioners love to hear what monies returned to the parish will be used […]

Record Giving in 2013

February 17, 2014 Issue 21     Record Giving in 2013   For the first time, U.S. charitable giving exceeded $400 billion last year, rising 13 percent over 2012 to reach a record $416.5 billion.   According to the Atlas of Giving, this record philanthropy was fueled largely by significant increases in stock prices, and […]

Stewardship: Time, Talent, and Treasure

February 10, 2014 Issue 20 Stewardship: Time, Talent, and Treasure   This week, the campaign would like to thank all of the dedicated pastors and ambassadors working on Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love. Your commitment to this effort will make a lasting impact on the Church of western North Carolina. In the winter of 2013, […]