Block Two Preparations Update

February 24, 2014
Issue 22
Block Two Preparations Update
Pastors and volunteers are laying the groundwork for successful launches of their parish campaigns. Five keys to getting off to a good start:
1. Complete your parish Local Case. Parishioners love to hear what monies returned to the parish will be used to accomplish!
2. Review the parish roster with your campaign director. Please remove parishioners who have left the parish.
3. Recruit Campaign Executive Committee (CEC) members and other volunteers to provide lay leadership and relieve the workload of any one individual.
4. Identify individuals who could potentially make early, pace-setting gifts to the campaign. These gifts will help build momentum and credibility to your parish’s participation in Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love.
5. Select parishioners who will be more inclined to participate financially and through a volunteer capacity to call on early in your campaign.
An early start during this busy season in your parish will help ensure campaign success!
Campaign Statistics
*A portion of the Leadership Gifts Phase total raised is shared with parishes, therefore the overall total is less than the sum of the individual phases. 
* Retired, but pastor when campaign was conducted. 

Good News
Block One
Fr. Martin Schratz and Fr. Robert Williams at Immaculate Conception in Hendersonville offered all families an opportunity to participate in Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love during the first Commitment Weekend. Ninety three additional families responded to Frs. Martin and Robert’s appeal that highlighted the initiative’s support of Catholic Charities and Faith Formation. Families pledged more than $234,000, bringing Immaculate Conception to $1,416,927 or 71% of its goal. 
Fr. Adrian Porras at St. Barnabas in Arden recently offered the Hispanic community an opportunity to participate in the campaign at Mass. From this appeal, 34 gifts totaling $96,801 were generously committed. St. Barnabas has now raised $822,275, or 70%, of the overall $1,195,000 goal. This weekend the parish will enter its first Commitment Weekend.
At St. Helen in Spencer Mountain, Msgr. West and the dedicated Ambassador team continue to personally share information with each parish family. The parish has exceeded its target goal and looks forward to using 50% of each dollar raised above the goal to create a welcoming space at the front of the church. An Ambassador recently commented he has appreciated the chance to learn more about the people in his faith community.
Block Two
Fr. Joseph Mack and Ambassadors at St. Paul the Apostle (Greensboro) welcomed the first gifts to the campaign, totaling $62,000. Parish families look forward to using monies returned to St. Paul the Apostle for capital improvements to enhance parish life activities. 
Fr. Pat Cahill at St. Eugene in Asheville welcomed four new Ambassadors to the team this week. Parishioners are excited about the commitment the Diocese of Charlotte has made to Catholic education and look forward to the expansion of Asheville Catholic School. Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love will earmark $6,000,000 to the tuition assistance endowment, providing more students with the opportunity to receive a faith-based education.
Fr. Roger Arnsparger at St. Mark in Huntersville shared the details of Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love with six parish families during the first leadership meeting. Families reflected on the incredible opportunity to enhance the educational experience of Catholic school students at St. Mark and the other eighteen schools served by the diocese. 
St. Vincent de Paul began its campaign when Fr. Mark Lawlor visited with families to share the pillars of this initiative last week. The parish looks forward to opening the new Chapel and Ministry Center; they will help service the debt of the building by using the local share of Forward in Faith, Hope and Love.