Give to everyone who asks you — Matthew 5:42

March 17, 2014
Issue 25
Give to everyone who asks you — Matthew 5:42
“Why do we give alms? Because when we share gifts or charity with those in need, we’re acknowledging the fact that we’re not in this alone, that the things that we own are meant for others. Saint Thomas Aquinas taught that we have the right to private ownership, but not the right to private use. The use of private property must be for the sake of the common good.

How do we signal that public use? We give alms. Lent is the perfect time to survey our material possessions, which often results in realizing we have too many, and then give some away.”  – an excerpt from 
Lent Reflections with Fr. Robert Barron 
While the Lenten season creates busier than usual schedules for both priests and parishioners, the Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love campaign continues to generate momentum and receive generous support from the people of our diocese. Thank you to all those who have and continue to give their time, talent, and treasure to this effort.
Campaign Statistics
*A portion of the Leadership Gifts Phase total raised is shared with parishes, therefore the overall total is less than the sum of the individual phases. 
* Retired, but pastor when campaign was conducted. 

Good News
Block Two
Fr. Brian Cook and the Campaign Executive Committee at St. Leo the Great shared Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love with 35 families this week and welcomed 22 new Ambassadors.  The team in Winston-Salem is off to a great start.  Parishioners are inspired and engaged by the campaign’s commitment to Catholic education and Catholic Charities.
Congratulations to the Ambassador Team and Fr. Mark Lawlor at St. Vincent De Paul in Charlotte for surpassing 10% of their overall parish goal. This achievement comes from the generosity of 10 parish families, totaling $209,800. The team continues to grow as many of the parish families welcome the opportunity to be a part of a historic initiative that will provide for the marginalized and disadvantaged across the diocese.
Fr. Roger Arnsparger at St. Mark in Huntersville continues to personally visit with families to share the details ofForward in Faith, Hope and Love. In just a few short weeks, St. Marks has raised $148,500 towards its goal. One donor commented that this effort presents a unique opportunity for parishioners to reflect on the meaning of true sacrifice.
The Leadership Team at St. Peters in Charlotte welcomed more than $60,000 in commitments this week. Over the next several months, the Leadership Team looks forward to educating each parishioner about Forward in Faith, Hope and Love and inviting their participation.
Ambassadors at St. Matthew in Charlotte continue to visit with families to share the Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love message. On a recent visit, one family reflected upon the opportunities Faith Formation has provided in strengthening their children’s spiritual bond with God.
Fr. Vince Curtin at St. Therese in Mooresville has begun recruiting Campaign Executive Committee members. The Ambassadors are dedicated to supporting Catholic education, priest retirement, seminarians, and Catholic Charities. They recognize the importance of strengthening the Catholic Church for future generations.