We’re Off and Running!

This weekly newsletter is an opportunity for every parish to receive updates about the Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love campaign. The newsletter will include “Good News” from the parishes currently conducting the campaign as well as updates on the amount raised, number of gifts, and other activity.
In April, six Pilot parishes and one Block I parish commenced the Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love effort. Since then, these parishes have been working through the campaign plan, visiting with parishioners and inviting their participation in the effort. Clergy at every parish have been supported by a group of lay leaders also educating fellow parishioners about the campaign and the ministries supported by the initiative. Thank you to all those families and individuals who have become advocates for Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love.
The Campaign Office has already started visiting parishes in Block I and will continue to introduce the campaign at the remaining Block I parishes over the summer months. Please contact the Campaign Office if you would like to talk through the process and timeline sooner. We are happy to help! We can be reached at (704) 370-6299 ext. 2200.