Campaign Announced Publicly at St. John Neumann and High Point!


FFHL Logo October 28, 2013
Campaign Announced Publicly at St. John Neumann and High Point!On Wednesday, October 23 and Thursday, October 24, Bishop Jugis, along with a team of pastors and laity, announced the Campaign at two events held in Charlotte and High Point. Both events were well attended and applause broke out when it was announced that the campaign had already achieved 30% of the overall campaign target! With commitments from Bishop Jugis’ and Msgr. West’s personal visits, and gifts made through the early work of the Pilot and Block 1 parishes, more than $19 million has already been pledged to the Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love effort.

Speakers at these events included Father Pat Hoare, Dymphna Pereira, Joe Gigler, Father Vince Smith, Matt Thiel, and Jeanne McCulloch. Many of their comments focused on the campaign as an opportunity to build upon the strong foundation that those who came before us had established. Bishop Jugis likened the Diocese of Charlotte to a young family starting to prepare for the future, putting money into savings and investing in the future growth. “Transformational effort” was a phrase used time and time again, as was “thank you”.

There was a spirit of gratitude for all those who participated in the campaign, and all those who helped with the Campaign through volunteer efforts. Dymphna Pereira talked about her experience as a volunteer at St. John Neumann positively, saying,

I recognized that asking for money was way out of my comfort zone – but I agreed to help because I wanted to be a part of moving our church community forward in faith and life. Three months later, I can tell you today that this was one of the more rewarding experiences of my life – I got to meet new people and talk to them like they were old friends; I was able to listen when that is all the people wanted me to do; I recognized when people were truly “stretching” to help and along the way I was excited to bring in some pledges and commitments to this campaign. Every contribution, big or small helped us to move toward our goal and I am grateful to all our parishioners who reached out to help.

These evenings were a wonderful opportunity to collectively celebrate the leadership of the pastors currently working on the campaign and an army of laity who gave their time, dedicated their energies, and prayed for open hearts and generous spirits. Thank you all!

A third kick-off event is scheduled for Tuesday, October 29 at St. John the Baptist in Tryon.

Campaign Statistics
Another 185 families participated in the Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love effort this week. To date, the Campaign has received support from 2,160 donors.
Good News
Block I Parishes Fr. Martin Schratz at Immaculate Conception in Hendersonville hosted a Recruitment Reception where more than sixty families attended to learn about Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love and potential volunteer opportunities. Parishioners are inspired by the campaign’s investment in Catholic Faith Formation Programs that help us deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ from childhood through adulthood.

Immaculate Heart of Mary in High Point hosted the Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love Public Announcement on the 10th anniversary of Bishop’s ordination. Fr. Vince Smith and several lay leaders spoke about their excitement for the initiative. Parishioners felt blessed with the opportunity to represent their pastor, their parish, and the campaign as more families are invited to join this effort.

St. John the Evangelist in Waynesville held its first Commitment Weekend raising $78,700 from 22 new gifts, which represents 21% of the campaign goal of $370,000! Fr. Larry LoMonaco did an excellent job describing the components of Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love. Families have been inspired by the College Campus Ministry and Clergy Support components of the campaign.

Rev. Jean Pierre Swamunu-Lhoposo at St. James in Hamlet welcomed five families to the team of Ambassadors. They are eager to begin sharing the Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love message with their parish family, and are especially excited for their local share which will help expand the parking lot and replace the roof.

Fr. Jim Turner at Our Lady of the Highways in Thomasville hosted a Parish-wide Kick Off Event. Ten families learned about the Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love initiative and pledged $15,720; Our Lady of the Highways has achieved 97% of their $255,000 goal.

Fr. Paul Dechant and the team of Ambassadors at Holy Cross in Kernersville continue to educate parish families each week. One Ambassador shares her experiences on visiting with other parishioners, “Before now, I never fully realized how connected our entire community is. These visits have been more than enjoyable; they have been an eye-opening experience and a fresh realization of the wonder of God. God knows I don’t have a lot of time, so I couldn’t understand why He asked me to do this. I think it was so He could show me this.”

At Our Lady of Lourdes in Monroe, Fr. Benjamin Roberts and the team of Ambassadors hosted a special meeting. More than fifty-five families attended to learn how the Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love effort supports essential programs and ministries. A local college student expressed her interest in supporting College Campus Ministry; campus ministry provides an excellent place for young Catholics to remain strong in their faith during their college experience.

Fr. Adrian Porras at St. Barnabas in Arden hosted a special reception with more than 30 families last Monday to share the parish’s vision for the future. The growth of the area and the community have increased the need for an additional meeting space. Fr. Adrian hopes the campaign will help the community move forward with building a new Multi-Purpose Center.

Fr. Duc Duong at St. Benedict in Greensboro welcomes two new Ambassadors to his team this week. They are excited to begin sharing the Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love message with their fellow parishioners. Families at St. Benedict look forward to benefitting from the Multicultural Ministries Endowment and to expanding their local community outreach.

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