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FFHL Logo October 14, 2013
Vibrant ParishesThe parish is where the Church lives. The Eucharist is the center of that home and central to our campaign. Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love will strengthen our life in the Eucharist by supporting our parishes.

Every parish has extraordinary needs. Every parish has dreams.

For every dollar raised in a parish campaign, twenty-five cents will be returned to the parish to fund its locally determined priorities, less a proportionate share of campaign expenses. When a parish surpasses its goal up to 140% of the goal, it will receive fifty cents of every dollar raised over that amount. Any monies raised above 140% of the campaign target will be returned to the parish in full!

Every parish will benefit indirectly from this campaign in such areas as educating seminarians, caring for our retired priests, and training catechists. In fact, a much greater percentage of all funds raised in this campaign will benefit our parishes.

Already parishes are receiving distributions from funds committed by parishioners to Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love. To date, $55,622 has been returned to parishes, with the next distribution occurring on 10/25/13, according to campaign policies that dictate distributions go out once every quarter.

Campaign Statistics
Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love continues to garner support from parishes all across the diocese. This week, 222 additional commitments were made totaling $1,516,150.
Good News
Pilot ParishesFr. John Putnam at Sacred Heart in Salisbury conducted the second in-pew appeal for the Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love effort, and has now raised more than $2,153,000 from 366 parish families. Sacred Heart will use its share of funds to service the parish debt which built the new parish campus that welcomes numerous new families every year.

Block I Parishes

Fr. Joseph Dionne at St. James the Greater in Concord shared Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love with more than 120 parishioners during a reception held at the parish hall. Families were eager to learn more and support the initiative. St. James received $44,320 in pledged commitments and gained additional ambassadors to help share the initiative with others!

Fr. Vince Smith welcomed the first six-figure commitment to the campaign at Immaculate Heart of Mary in High Point. The parishioner was inspired to share the opportunity for Catholic education to all children. All families have felt blessed by this unique chance to strengthen the greater Church of western North Carolina in addition to the work being done locally.

Fr. Al Gondek at Our Lady of the Rosary in Lexington received the first gift to the campaign this week! Fr. Gondek hopes to inspire parishioners to participate in the Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love effort which will help improve the air conditioning in the parish hall as well as upgrade the sound system currently in the church.

Fr. John Eckert at St. John the Baptist in Tryon received $300,000 in new gifts this week. In the coming weeks, Fr. Eckert and his ambassadors will continue to reach out to as many parishioners as possible to start spreading the Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love message. Families look forward to supporting the Vocations and Seminarian Endowment, as they’d like to see more priests attending the seminary just as Fr. Eckert recently has.

St. Francis of Assisi in Lenoir welcomed an additional ambassador to its campaign. Fr. Julio Dominguez continues to meet with parishioners to share the Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love message and emphasizes the broader ministry groups this effort is supporting. Fr. Dominguez plans to use the share going to his parish to renovate and expand the space currently used for Faith Formation classes, allowing more students to attend.

Fr. Benjamin Roberts at Our Lady of Lourdes in Monroe welcomes two new Ambassadors to the team! One Ambassador shared a recent experience, “We had a chance to meet with a lovely couple who have two young children. They are excited to support an initiative to strengthen our parish and broader ministries for future generations, especially for their children. They recognize their children will be the direct benefactors of this historic effort.”

Father Duc Duong at St. Benedict in Greensboro invited his parishioners to attend a reception this week to educate parishioners about Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love. After receiving an additional two gifts this week, the parish has currently raised $52,000 towards the $340,000 goal.

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