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FFHL Logo September 30, 2013
Recruiting VolunteersA major element of running a successful campaign is not only securing gifts through personal visits and timely follow ups, but also building a team of dedicated volunteers. At the parish level, our volunteers are responsible for helping their pastors share the message and vision of Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love with fellow parishioners. Without the help from volunteers, we are not able to properly communicate the message of this effort. When we are able to share the story, the dollars follow; thus, the need for a sufficient number of volunteers. A strong core of volunteers is directly linked to the success of your campaign.

A variety of methods for recruiting volunteers have been used in parishes campaigning to date. The most effective method is to ask during the initial in-person visit. During each personal visit, the objectives are to share the vision of Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love, verbally make a specific request, and ask the parishioner or parishioners to consider becoming a volunteer. When asking for volunteers, be sure to explain the following:

1. “It is our hope to personally visit with every family at our parish, but we are simply not able to reach out to such a large group of people in a short amount of time. We need your help to share this effort with fellow parishioners and invite their participation.”

2. “Becoming a volunteer is a gift of time and talent which will benefit and strengthen our church for years to come.”

3. “I understand you may need some time to reach a decision. In the coming days, please consider what gifts of time, talent, and treasure you are able to share by making a gift and becoming a volunteer.”

Another effective method for recruiting volunteers comes with considerable help from the Recruitment Chair, one of the core members of the leadership committee established at each parish early in the campaign. The Recruitment Chair is responsible for finding one Team Captain for every 100 families remaining to be visited. These Captains will then find volunteers from their group of 100 to call upon other families in that same group of 100 to help visit with or follow up on mailed literature. Training will be given to all Captains and their volunteers.

The Campaign Office will be working with all Block I parishes to prepare and implement this plan in the coming weeks. Please contact your Campaign Director if you have specific questions.

Remember: many hands make light work and together we can accomplish great things for the Catholic Church in western North Carolina!

Campaign Statistics
Through the combined efforts of the Leadership Gifts Phase, the Pilot parishes, and just 14 Block I parishes, the Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love campaign has raised nearly $15,000,000. Please continue to pray for the success of the campaign.
Good News
Pilot ParishesFr. Pat Hoare concluded St. John Neumann’s (Charlotte) participation in Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love with the second Commitment Weekend. The parish received 75 gifts totaling $101,700. More than 374 parish families have been inspired to participate in this historic initiative. Fr. Pat enjoyed the opportunity to personally visit with, and learn more about, more than eighty parish families.

Sacred Heart Parish in Salisbury completed its first Commitment Weekend. From this appeal, Fr. John Putnam inspired 70 families to make sacrificial commitments totaling more than $175,000 to help service the parish debt and strengthen ministries throughout the diocese. To date, parishioners at Sacred Heart have graciously raised $1,985,700 for the Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love campaign.

Fr. Timothy Reid at St. Ann in Charlotte invited the entire parish community to participate in the Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love effort at Masses on September 28 and 29. Sixty-three families generously committed $315,300 to the effort. Families discussed their support for the Vocations and Seminarian Support Endowment, especially because two members of the parish family are currently attending the seminary in Columbus, Ohio.

Block I Parishes

Fr. Benjamin Roberts at Our Lady of Lourdes in Monroe met with four parish families to share the pillars of Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love. Families are passionate about the Catholic Education Tuition Assistance; they recognize a tremendous opportunity to provide more of our children with a vibrant, spiritual, and faith-filled learning experience.

Fr. Jim Turner is grateful for the support Our Lady of the Highways parishioners have given to Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love. The parish in Thomasville has recently recruited a team of ambassadors to help spread the vision of the campaign with the entire parish family.

Fr. Julio Dominguez
at St. Francis of Assisi in Lenoir welcomed eight families to his Campaign Executive Committee. These families have realized the important impact this initiative will make on the growth and strength of our Church and have experienced it first-hand. St. Francis of Assisi’s prison ministry has received grants from Catholic Charities Diocese of Charlotte in recent years, and is excited to be able to continue their outreach and support for released inmates.

Our Lady of Mercy
in Winston-Salem welcomed five new volunteers following a successful Recruitment Weekend that helped the parish raise more than $160,000 towards their challenge goal of $1,750,000. Friar Bill Robinson is appreciative of the dedication shown by so many of his parish families.

St. Gabriel Parish in Charlotte kicked-off the campaign last week with its Campaign Executive Committee Orientation. Seven parishioners will help Fr. Frank O’Rourke spearhead the Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love effort that will allow St. Gabriel Church and School to establish a fund for future projects. Fr. Frank is most excited to share with parishioners the campaign’s strong investments in Catholic education, as it will benefit children who attend St. Gabriel School, adults enrolled in the Faith Formation program and seminarians who will one day lead the St. Gabriel’s parish community.

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