Keep it Simple


FFHL Logo January 20, 2014

Issue 18

Keep it Simple

While critical to overall success, the role of campaign leaders and ambassadors doesn’t need to be complicated. Simply put, our ultimate goal is to:

  • Educate families on the purpose, benefits, and needs of Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love
  • Answer their questions
  • Receive a decision

As leaders and ambassadors, keep this in mind as you visit with fellow parishioners. Don’t over-complicate the process.

Campaign Statistics
This week the campaign received gifts from 211 families. Diocesan-wide, parishioners continue to support the Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love effort with sacrificial commitments averaging $6,372.

*A portion of the Leadership Gifts Phase total raised is shared with parishes, therefore the overall total is less than the sum of the individual phases.


* Retired, but pastor when campaign was conducted.


Good News
Block One

The Ambassador team at St. Matthew in Charlotte welcomed five new Ambassadors. Parish families recognize the necessity of strengthening parish life and the broader ministries, particularly Catholic education. The benefits of Catholic education are countless; students are enveloped in an environment of compassion, worship, and respect and are taught the values essential to a fulfilling life. The Catholic education component of Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love ensures that current and future generations are afforded the opportunity to receive the high-quality religious and spiritual education they all deserve.

Fr. Mo West and the Campaign Executive Committee at St. Helen in Spencer Mountain are excited to begin the Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love effort. They look forward to personally visiting parish families and receiving the full support of the community. St. Helen’s share of the funds will be used to create a welcoming space at the front of the Church.

Sixty-four families at St. Charles Borromeo (Morganton) made their commitment to the Forward in Faith, Hope and Love effort during Mass. Fr. Ken Whittington discussed the impact the effort will have on St. Charles Borromeo parish including building maintenance, catechesis training, and enhanced capabilities of Catholic Charities Diocese of Charlotte.

St. Mary in Greensboro hosted its campaign kick-off event to explain the priorities of Forward in Faith, Hope and Love. Fr. Jack Timlin emphasized that each family should consider the impact this effort will have on the future of the Church.

Fr. Robert Williams at Immaculate Conception in Hendersonville recently hosted a successful reception with members of the parish’s Hispanic community. The event attracted 120 parishioners, where the parish received more than $55,000 in gifts to put the campaign over the $1,000,000 benchmark. In the coming weeks, a second wave of families from the Hispanic community will be invited to participate in the Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love effort.

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