Importance of Redemption

Importance of Redemption

As Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love heads into the final weeks of active campaigning, now is the time to remember your own pledge and remind your fellow parishioners about the importance of fulfilling their commitment to this historic effort.  To date, $66,725,463 has been pledged, and already $10,543,302 has been paid toward those pledges.  In order to ensure full funding for all the broader ministry initiatives, as well as significant distributions to the individual parishes, the Diocese of Charlotte depends on timely payments from all 15,000 donors.

One of the easiest ways to pay your pledge is through EFT and/or credit card.  By fulfilling your commitment through EFT or credit card payments, you not only help to increase the redemption rate, but also reduce postage and printing costs thereby increasing monies to be allocated to the ministries of Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love.

Campaign Statistics


*A portion of the Leadership Gifts Phase total raised is shared with parishes, therefore the overall total is less than the sum of the individual phases.

Individual parishes were offered the opportunity to set a challenge goal over and above their FFHL goal. In addition, parishes receive a benefit from surpassing their regular FFHL goal. All dollars raised are included in these totals.

* Retired, but pastor when campaign was conducted.


Good News

As active parish campaigns wind down, we celebrate the great achievement of raising more than $65,000,000 and share pictures from events throughout the Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love effort.

At St. Aloysius in Hickory, Father Bob Ferris shared the vision of Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love at a reception with more than 100 parishioners in attendance. At this event many families made commitments and generated momentum for St. Aloysius’ effort. The parish went over goal at the beginning of the year and continues to receive new donations.

St. Eugene hosted a parish wide kick-off event on May 14 to explain the Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love effort. One hundred and fourteen parishioners and school families were in attendance. The plans for additional classroom and ministry meeting space were shared, inspiring parishioners to commit $2,100,000 in pledged commitments.

Holy Family had an active volunteer team that made personal visits, held receptions, and made announcements at Mass. Pictured above is a group of volunteers and guests at one of the parish-wide receptions that was held to educate parishioners about the Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love effort. Thank you to all campaign volunteers who donated time, talent, and treasure to ensure the success of the campaign.