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FFHL Logo September 3, 2013
Campaign Component – Priest RetirementCatholic faithful have always given their loyal support to the priests who have baptized and taught their children, preached the Gospel, presided at their weddings, comforted them in their sufferings and celebrated the Eucharist. The Diocese of Charlotte currently supports 25 retired priests and in the next decade we anticipate 30 more will reach retirement age.

Providing for those who have spent a lifetime in service is a priority of the diocese and the parishioners of western North Carolina. The Diocese of Charlotte Priest Retirement Plan provides pension benefits for our retired priests. Although the diocese has consistently funded the plan at the actuarially recommended funding amount, the plan is presently underfunded to meet the projected pension payments for all active priests based on their current years of service.The underfunded position is primarily the result of improvements in pension benefits, longer life expectancy, and under-performance of pension investments relative to expected returns.

The Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love campaign includes $10 million for the Priests Retirement Trust Fund, which will fully address the current deficiency. As the funded status of the plan improves, there is less pressure on the Priests Retirement Benefits assessment that parishes pay annually.

Campaign Statistics
The Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love campaign raised $1,275,140 from 76 gifts this week. The new total raised is
$11,579,441 from 802 gifts. The Pilot parishes have now attained 94% of the phase goal.
Pilot TableBlock Table
Good News
Pilot ParishesFr. Timothy Reid and his team of dedicated volunteers at St. Ann Catholic Church in Charlotte received $250,000 in gifts from the generosity of parishioners. St. Ann has now raised $1,395,400. The success of the effort will continue to be celebrated through bulletin inserts, lay testimonials, and campaign mailings over the next several weeks.

Fr. Pat Hoare and the parishioners at St. John Neumann in Charlotte continue to educate the community and share information about the Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love effort. Many parish families that have committed to the campaign are inspired by the support for the Priest Retirement Trust Fund. Families are encouraged by this important ministry as they remember Msgr. Bellow, a former pastor, who retired last month.

Families at Sacred Heart in Salisbury are excited about Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love’s commitment to Faith Formation programs across the diocese. Sacred Heart’s Faith Formation Program, led by Fr. John T. Putnam, currently has over 400 students enrolled.

The response to Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love at Queen of the Apostles in Belmont has been very positive. Fr. Frank Cancro and families at the parish look forward to building a new church that will provide a space and seat for every parish family.

Block I Parishes

Fr. Paul Dechant and his leadership team at Holy Cross in Kernersville raised $105,000 towards their $1,105,000 goal. The dedicated volunteers assisting Fr. Paul with this effort have began scheduling meetings with the parish community and continue to recruit more help for this initiative.

St. James the Greater in Concord began their participation in Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love this week and Fr. Joseph Dionne is pleased to announce the first committed leaders and sacrificial gifts to the campaign. St. James the Greater looks to expand their classroom space to accommodate their growing faith family.

St. John the Evangelist parish in Waynesville and Fr. Larry LoMonaco welcomed two new ambassadors to his team of volunteers. All of those who have agreed to help Fr. Larry are very excited to begin meeting with families to secure pledges for the construction of the parish’s new bell tower.

During a campaign visit at Our Lady of Mercy in Winston-Salem,a family expressed to Friar Bill Robinson that they are excited to participate in the Forward in Faith, Hope, and Love effort which will help retire the parish debt. Once the debt is paid off, it will allow the parish to make significant investments to the growing faith formation programs and ministries.

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